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 The population and their needs have been rapidly growing in the whole world and in India and the energy has been constantly lacking for the development of the people. India as a country is positioned on the blank of energy crisis. The increasing pressure on the planet is immensely shrinking its energies day by day. To get rid of this drastic situation Renewable Energy is a wonderful and revolutionary path for the welfare of entire humanity. Its long lasting & unharmful advantages can safe and provide energies to everyone specially uplift the poorest of the poor and can attach themselves in the wave of development and secure our precious planet. With this vision, Hindustan Energies, Treasure of Renewable Energies, has been strongly contributing in the renewable energies sectors for the last many years. Our vision is to touch the each & everyone’s life through our work and bring out our country and the whole world from the energies crisis and insecurity by providing the remarkable and diversified solutions.

 In this concern, Hindustan Energies, has been executing several Thermal Photovoltaic & Water Treatments projects. We are specialized in Solar based Ongrid, Offgrid and Hybrid Plant System and Thermal Projects & Power Plants, Air field parameter lights which includes both CFL/LCD based & sodium vapor lamp type solar street lighting etc. We have specific Solar Water Heating Products, which are more cost effective with respect to your conventional electrical geyser. These products have long life, maintenance free, and environment friendly and can be tailor-made to meet local requirements. We have a wide range of Solar Solution Systems for domestic, industrial, commercial & govt. establishment. Our solutions include customized solar solutions that illuminate homes, streets and communities; pump water to thirsty fields and heat water for residential and commercial applications. We also provide reliable and cost-effective solar power to wide-ranging sectors from education and banking to healthcare and telecommunications. Specialist applications include BIPV, Hybrid Systems and solutions for railways, defense and offshore platforms.

For us, our work is our worship and our client’s satisfaction is our priority. We focus on just providing the best solutions and high valued services to our customers with our technology, management and friendly behavior. We make the Solar accessible to you and execute the small and large Solar and Renewable Energy projects perfectly for you with our high-skilled techniques. Waiting to serve you with our Solar & Renewable Energies services,

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