Duro Plus Solar Water Heating System

Unmatched Performance, Elegant Design, Easy Installation, Bare Minimum Maintenance and Highest Inner Tank Thickness best describe the innovative solar water heating system: Duro Plus

Overview –

As water table across the country keep depleting there is significant drop in the quality of water. Mineral salts in hard water cause metal corrosion which results in tank leakage.

Tata Power Solar is proud to introduce first of its kind solar water heater with non-rusting inner tank which is built to last. Duro Plus tank can withstand upto 1500 PPM TDS. The unmatched performance, elegant design, easy installation, bare minimum maintenance and highest inner tank thickness place it well above the other water heating system in the industry. Install it and keep having running hot water for years.

Available in 100 liters per day ( LPD) and 200 LPD range.

System Components –

  1. Tank
    2. Collector
    3. Support Structure
    4. Connection Accessories


Wherever you need hot water without the need to flick on your geyser. Most common uses would be in the bathroom and kitchen.


Non-Corrosive Tank No tank leakage and highest lifetime value.
PUF Insulation CFC Free, Environmental-Friendly Insulation.
5 mm Tank Thickness Highest in the industry, ensures superior insulation
99.99% Pure Copper Best Quality Assured.
Anti-Fogging Natural Breather Device No fogging inside the collector, ensures better efficiency and avoids corrosion.
Collector Surface Area 2.17 sqm of surface area per collector is the highest in the industry.
FCRI, BIS, MNRE and TUV approved Govt. of India Lab approved for endurance, BIS Standard IS 12933 compliant, MNRE approved, TUV FG.US.FDA code approved.
Structure Corrosion Resistant, Pure Polyester, and UV Resistant Powder Coating for longer life.