Duro Solar Water Heating System

A unique solar water heater which is built to withstand water hardness upto 1500 ppm and has the highest inner tank thickness in the industry.


Duro stands for durability and is built to last for lifetime. This zero-rust system has a unique inner tank design which is suitable for hard water upto 1500 ppm which means no more hassles of water test report.

Manifold holding the Evacuated tube is rust free as well. Key features include simple and robust design, best in class performance, negligible maintenance, and highest inner tank thickness in the industry. Easy to install and maintain.

Available in 100 litres per day ( LPD) and 200 LPD range.

System Components –

  1. Tank
    2. Evacuated Tube Collector
    3. Support Structure
    4. Water tubes and Accessories


Wherever you need hot water without the need to flick on your geyser. Most common uses would be in the bathroom and kitchen.

Features Benefits
Non-Corrosive Tank No tank leakage and highest lifetime value.
PUF Insulation 40mm, CFC Free.
5 mm Tank Thickness Highest in the Industry, ensures superior insulation.
Manifold Jointless Integrated Molded Manifold.
Evacuated Tubes International Standard Compliant – CE, Solar Key Mark – Export Quality.
Triple Layer Coating of Evacuated Tubes Cr-AI-N/Cu coating meets government norms, ensures higher efficiency.
Suitable for Hard Water Application Handless upto 150 ppm hardness, Chlorides upto 600 ppm; Highest Hard Water Tolerance Limit, ensures top-most build quality and reliability.
Structure Corrosion Resistant, Pure Polyester and UV Resistant Powder Coating for longer life.