Solar i2 LED Lighting

Revolutionary home lighting solution based on LED technology that consumes 50 percent lesser energy and lasts longer.

Features Benefits
High power, State of the art LED This gives the system a luminous efficiency greater than 85lm/w.

The LED life is greater than 50,000 hours.

Specially designed luminaries This allows for the wider spread of light, sufficient to light up a (10’x10′) room. This makes the system suitable for wall/ceiling mounting.
Specially maintenance free battery This gives the system long life, with no requirement of top-up.
Ci10 Solar charge controller This prevents the battery from being over-charged, deep discharged and also protects the lamp from short-circuiting.
Autonomy of 2 days This ensures that the product works even under cloudy conditions.

System Components –

  • Luminaries – 1.8W / 3.6W LED
  • Solar module
  • Sealed maintenance free battery
  • Solar charge controller – Ci10
  • Support structure, array cable, battery cable