Solar Refrigerator

Innovative solution towards maintaining basic healthcare by preserving vaccines in a cost effective grid energy-independent model.

Overview –

The Solar Vaccine Refrigerator maintains a constant temperature suitable for vaccine storage in rural health clinics. The photovoltaic modules convert sunlight directly into electricity, powering the compressor of the vaccine refrigerator. Rechargeable batteries are used to store electric energy. The charge controller regulates the flow of electricity to protect the batteries from overcharging and over discharging.

Features Benefits
40 liters gross refrigerator volume This makes it ideal for human and animal vaccine storage.
Superior material construction This increases the holdup time and reduces power consumption.
Digital thermometer This makes it easy to monitor temperature.
LED battery low indicator This disconnects automatically in case of deep battery discharge.
CFC free The system is environment friendly and is reliable, durable and hygienic.
Energy efficient This allows for vaccine storage at 0* to 8* C.
Meets WHO Specification The system is built to meet international standards.
Autonomy for 5 days This ensures that the systems functions well even on cloudy days.