Solar Tatadeep Lantern

 Solar Tatadeep Lantern
High-Quality output lamp with CFL-based fixture.
Overview –
Solar Lanterns are portable lighting systems that find numerous uses in rural and semi-urban areas.
They serve as a source of light for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Tatadeep solar lanterns provide high quality light output through CFL and conform to MNRE standards.
The solar energy is converted into electrical energy by the solar module and is stored in a sealed, maintenance-free battery. The design is compact and weighs very little, making it easily portable.





Option of 5W/7W CFLs This gives users the option of either increasing brightness, or back-up hours
Compact housing with clear transparent plastic dome for lamp This increases the reliability of the lantern, making it the ideal portable light
Omni directional Light This increases the area of illumination
Light weight This makes it easily portable
Sealed leas acid maintenance-free battery This increases the life of the lamp and ensures there is no requirement for top-up
Option of AC mains charging This makes sure that the lantern can be used even during Cloudy conditions
Polarised charging socket This prevents reverse connections