Star Solar Lantern

Efficient Solar Lantern with a robust build that makes it easy to use, with over 3 hours of continuous light.

Overview –

Star Solar Lantern is a revolutionary new product that harnesses the power of the Sun. The latest introduction into the market, it has a robust design to make it aesthetically pleasing and is easy to use. It provides 3 hours of continuous light from a single charge and works as an emergency light during power cuts. It is an ideal accessory for outdoor use and can be used in your day-to-day life.

System Components –

  • Lamp – 3W CFL
  • Solar module
  • Sealed lead acid maintenance-free battery
  • Array cable
Features Benefits
3Wp Solar module This ensures that the product function for 3 hrs when fully charged
3W CFL This ensures that the lamp gives off bright light that covers a large area
Trendy design This makes the lamp aesthetically appealing
Multiple hanging positions This means that the lantern can be used on tables and can even be hung upside down from the ceiling
‘On charge’ & ‘Battery low’ indicators These effectively indicate the charge status of battery
Sealed lead acid maintenance-free battery This gives the lantern a long life, with no requirement of top-up
AC mains charging option This ensures that the lantern can be used even during cloudy conditions
Mobile charging option This allows for mobile phones to be charged, even i the absence of grid electricity
Radio option This allows for radio-use without dry-charge batteries or electricity