Zing Solar Water Heating

Zing is an innovative solar water heater that helps consumers save considerably on energy cost without the maintenance overheads.

Overview –

The Zing Solar Water Heater consists of an absorber made of copper, a storage tank with PUF insulation, piping and a transparent cover. Solar energy heats the absorber surface, warming the water flowing through the tubes attached to it. The heated water is transferred to the insulated storage tank through thermosyphon effect. A transparent glass cover is placed above the absorber to reduce heat loss through radiation and through wind.

The absorber, cover and insulator are placed within a metal container. Cold water flows from the bottom of the storage tank to the collector. From here, the heated water rises to the top of the storage tank. To maintain the functioning of the system, a constant supply of cold water must be made available. For this purpose, an overhead storage tank on the roof is convenient.

System Components –


  1. Collector
  2. Support Structure
  3. Water tubes and Accessories


Wherever you need hot water without the need to flick on your geyser. Most common uses would be in the bathroom and kitchen.

Features Benefits
Unique shape of tank The shape is aesthetically appealing. It optimizes the heater’s performance.
PUF Insulation This ensures better heat retention, for longer hours.
Copper tubes of highest standards The superior conductivity of copper heats water to very high temperatures. It ensures the availability of hot water, even on partially cloudy days.
Laser welding of collectors The improves the conductivity of the tank.
Anti-Condensation system This prevents condensation within collectors and avoids corrosion. It also increases efficiency and the life of the heater.